We use the ergonomic expertise to design a series of desks that can be switched between sitting and standing positions. Omitting all the complicated parts, the simple design allows you to easily install without replacing the existing table, switching between sitting and standing positions in just 3 seconds.
COMNENIR promises to provide a one-year quality guarantee to ensure that you have no concerns about your shopping experience.
Our mission and values
Our mission is to provide sincere world-class services and solutions that benefit our customers.

We intend to lead the ergonomic furniture and ergonomic equipment market by establishing an organization that focuses on service and expertise and establishes partnerships with customers as we recognize that our business growth directly depends on our customer service and market cultivation.

Therefore, we formulate the company's vision and strategy based on the following core values:

  • Provide the best quality products
  • Try our best to satisfy our customers
  • Cultivate the happiness and excellence of our team members
  • Drive profits and growth at a reasonable price
  • Care about our community and environment
  • Promote customer health through ergonomic knowledge sharing