Warranty Policy


We recommend checking all shipments immediately after arrival. Please pay attention and make notes on whether the package boxes are damaged when receiving shipments.

For immediately reporting any loss or damage of your shipments, please email contact@comnenirfurniture.com or use Live-Chat to our customer service team.

If your order does not arrive within the delivery time, please inform us immediately. We are not liable for claims filed over 30 days after the delivery date.


All Comnenir Furniture products have a 3 year product warranty From the date of purchase. Your product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects. 

To have your defective Product processed in time, please follow the guideline provided in this section. Our customer service team will assist you with their full effort to assure you will have the best experience with our service.

STEP 1: Customers who have issues with their products, please contact our customer service team via live chat or email and provide the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Order number
  • Proof of product problems

STEP 2: Our customer support team will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the eligibility (fill in Warranty Claim Request Form) and initiate the warranty claim process.

STEP 3: Please follow the instruction carefully on the disposal of the product.

STEP 4: Once the defective Product is disposed of accordingly, our customer team will arrange for the shipment of the replaced product.


Warranty limitation

'Defects', as defined in this warranty, are any imperfections in material or workmanship that inhibits the use of the product.

Comnenir Furniture shall have NO LIABILITY and shall NOT provide its warranty service to any of the following causes of the Warranty Claims:

  • The Product is not purchased directly from Comnenir Furniture’s own sales channels.
  • The Product is not used in accordance with Comnenir Furniture’s given specification and instruction.
  • The Product is not used for its intended function.
  • The asserted defect is not able to be proved to Comnenir Furniture.
  • The asserted defect is attributed to misuse and improper installation. 
  • The disposal of the defective Product is not followed the Warranty Claims guideline that Comnenir Furniture provided.
  • Cosmetic defect, such as scratches, stains, marks, etc.